Bitcoin holder’s comments on CTT coin

Vitex Exchange is an exchange with mining as its core. It entered the field of investors in April 2019 when the popularity of IEo activities on major exchanges temporarily declined. In fact, the concept of “trading is mining” has been played by the Fcoin exchange, but Citex’s mining may have more advantages. 해시게임 The fool-like operation of Citex’s “one-click mining” lowers the threshold for investors to enter, unique mining The design of rebates, pledge dividends, and mining hard caps can effectively avoid risks such as mining monopoly and smashing. Vitex can combine Dapps to control the amount of CTT in circulation. Specifically, exchanges use the game Dapps to encourage users to pledge, lock and consume CTT.

As the platform currency of Citex, CTT is currently only listed on its own exchange.


Although CTT has many application scenarios, its circulation is very general. The price of the currency fluctuates, which is suitable for fast in and fast out. In 2019, the platform currency has performed very well under the leadership of the leader BNB and the second child HT, but it is very serious if the market value of the overall platform currency accounts for an increasing proportion of the total market value of encrypted assets. The number of exchanges in the currency circle should exceed 1,000, and there are more than 300 exchanges that have issued platform tokens. Therefore, this is a very competitive market. The frequent occurrence of exchange theft and information leakage causes users to pay more attention to the transactions they use. The security and privacy of the exchange, no matter how innovative the gameplay invented by other small exchanges is, is difficult to attract a large number of users, and it is difficult to shake the first-line exchanges.