effective stress management

An effective stress management method

What is stress?

The word stress originally came from the Latin word stringer, meaning “tight” in the 19th century physics. In medicine, by the 20th century, Hans Selye had developed and defined as a “response to change to maintain a state of stability that he was confident about” of mental and physical balance and stability.


Things like excessive work, interpersonal relationships, unstable economy, and shocking accidents are stressful for us.

If you get stressed, you’ll feel depressed and emotionally depressed, right?


Stress is the main cause of all diseases

It is important to solve and manage it through various methods.


So, how do I relieve my stress?


 Rest your tired body.


Stress also affects work and academic efficiency by reducing concentration.

In addition, there can be a big physical and mental strain, so you need to recover through rest.

When you’re relaxed and relaxed, your body slowly balances itself out and gradually regains its function phunuz.com


If you’re under a lot of stress today, it’s also a good idea to go to bed early and get a good night’


I look for sports and hobbies.

Proper exercise helps relieve emotions such as anger and depression, and also helps you relax your muscles and sleep.

Also, the hobby of making something with your hands gives you freedom of mind and mind without focusing on negative emotions.


Don’t worry in advance.

People with a stressful temperament often worry about the worst.

There’s a saying, “You worry and do it.”

It is natural to worry about something that has not happened due to an anxious psychology, but worrying about it in advance can cause mental fatigue for you, but the more you repeat it, the more annoyed you are with people around you.

You don’t have to worry about things that don’t happen yet. There are a lot of times when things that you worry about don’t happen


I quit smoking and drink less.

Many people smoke or drink to relieve stress.

However, studies show that smokers are 70 percent more likely to feel depressed and anxious than those who do not. It is said that alcohol and cigarettes increase blood pressure and increase heart rate, which rather increases stress even more.


Eat foods that are good for stress

Foods that are good for stress include grapefruit with lots of vitamin C, nuts such as as asparagus, pistachios, walnuts, garlic, avocado, blueberries, oysters, salmon, and chocolate.

These foods not only relieve stress but also help strengthen the body’s functions because they give energy to the body.

I hope you overcome your stress by eating good food

※ The best way to manage stress healthily is to walk lightly.


If you have a fever while walking, blood circulation and metabolism become active, removing waste and lowering cortisol levels.


For office workers who work in office chairs all day, simply taking a light walk during lunchtime or work hours can be a stress management, right?


After lunch, take a light walk around the company or walk home after work

It’s a stress management method for office workers. https://openstressfree.com



Walk while focusing on your body’s senses, sounds, and smells around you smell. Thinking that’s confusing. Worries…

You can take it away for a while.