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All the meaning and benefits of green cars

All the meaning and benefits of green cars

Historically, vehicles that essentially run on gasoline or diesel have accounted for over 95 percent of car and commercial trucks sold in the market. However, the sales and market for cars that run on alternative fuels are on the rise. Every year, a new hybrid or green car model hits the market in greater numbers. 초보운전연수

To have a firm education for cars, we need to identify and understand what a green car is all about.

What is a Green Car or an Eco-friendly car?

A green car, as well known as an eco-friendly car/vehicle, is a road motor car that has fewer environmental impacts than similar conventional gasoline-based or diesel-based combustion engine cars or those powered by alternative energy sources. The automobile business has seen a transformation in the last few years. The development of economical, mass-produced hybrids and electric vehicles has ushered in a revolution, although traditional automobiles are still in use. Many people prefer green cars to fossil-fuel cars since they are less expensive to operate and benefit the environment.

The cost of recharging a green vehicle is far lower than the cost of filling up a gas tank, and the price of hybrid electric vehicles has steadily decreased over the past few years. Green cars are also quieter, reducing noise pollution and making communities more peaceful. While it may appear like green cars are the most natural choice, technology has also made them both inexpensive, eco-friendly, and economical.

Can you turn your conventional car into a green car?

There are various steps you can take to turn your conventional car into an eco-friendly automobile or an environmental-friendly wheel even if you don’t have enough money to purchase a green car.

Some steps are as easy as changing your oil, while others require you to adjust your driving behavior. Few simple things you can do to make your car more ecologically friendly are listed below:

  • Maintain the speed limit and don’t accelerate quickly. This simple act helps some gas.
  • Synthetic oil and high-flow air filters are recommended.
  • Spark plugs should be replaced regularly.
  • Maintain your pace and limit acceleration by using cruise control.
  • Maintain your vehicle regularly.
  • If you intend to be idle for more than 30 seconds, turn off the car.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary load in your vehicle.
  • Maintain correct tire inflation.
  • When you’re not driving or sleeping in your car, use car coverings to keep it secure.

Advantages of Green cars:

One of the most significant advantages of driving an electric green automobile is the positive impact it may have on our environment because green cars/eco-friendly vehicles do not have a tailpipe, they do not release any exhaust gases, reducing air pollution, especially in packed cities.

Green cars are a viable option for governments seeking to improve air quality and improve the health and quality of life of their citizens. 도로연수

  • Green cars are environmentally sustainable and friendly.

Although the power station that generates the electricity may produce pollutants, green cars do not. Electricity generated by solar, hydro, nuclear, or wind energy plants emits no pollutants into the atmosphere. By opting for a green vehicle, you are assisting in the reduction of hazardous air pollution caused by exhaust emissions.

  • Green cars are energy-saving. 

More than 75 percent of the electrical energy from the grid is converted to power at the wheels in electric green cars. Traditional gasoline automobiles convert only roughly 12%–30% of the stored energy in gasoline to power cars.


  • Benefits of performance

Green cars are quieter, smoother, and faster than internal combustion engines, and they require less maintenance. They also reduce energy dependence.

driving a car at the tollgate GREEN CARS an eco-friendly automotive company

Features that an eco-friendly Car should have?

  • Sensors

This feature in a green vehicle can help cut down on harmful emissions. It’s impossible to deny that cars that don’t emit toxic gases are better for the environment than those that do. Sensors that detect and manage pollutants are installed in green cars, which we believe is a great feature to have. Gradually, this technology will be included in all car types, not only those that are environmentally friendly.

  • LED headlights

This feature is essential for clearer and brighter vision. LED lights are being employed in a growing number of vehicles. They are not only more energy-efficient, but they also last longer than ordinary halogen bulbs.

They replace the headlights of today’s environmentally-friendly vehicles, which are brighter and sharper than previous models. When driving in foggy situations, this feature comes in handy.



  • Automatic inflating safety belts

Some eco-friendly car companies are wearing unique seat belts that inflate in the event of an accident. These are intended to lower medical expenditures and have saved a lot of lives around the world. These unique seat belts can give significantly more padding than a typical lap-and-shoulder strap. They assist in preventing major head and neck injuries by providing extra padding and bracing.

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Safe driving: 10 keys that will save your life

Safe driving: 10 keys that will save your life

When you drive a car, it is essential to comply with a series of rules related to safe driving. In order to protect your integrity, you should familiarize yourself with some good principles for safe and responsible driving. In this article, we explain to you 10 keys that you should apply when driving that could save your life. 개인운전연수

Concentrate on the steering wheel

Keep your attention at all times, both on what is happening on the road and on your movements. Take all the necessary precautions to avoid distractions that put your life and the lives of others at risk. 자차운전연수

Leave your cell phone aside and put all your attention on keeping control of your car. Remember that your integrity and that of others depend on compliance with the rules of safe driving.

Apply the principles of defensive driving

Put the principles of defensive driving into practice and anticipate any problems. However, what is defensive driving all about? It consists of understanding the way other drivers think in order to avoid a myriad of risks and accidents.

For example, you can anticipate a risky situation when you observe an argument between the occupants of the car in front of you. Another example of safe and defensive driving is to avoid getting too close to other cars.

When faced with these scenarios, you should think ahead to warn or react skillfully in emergencies.

Respect is the key to safe driving

Remember that your car is not the only one on the road, there are motorists, pedestrians, and other vehicles. They all have the same rights and duties, so education and respect must prevail. It is also advisable to avoid offensive and aggressive behavior on public roads.

The best advice for safe driving: do not drink alcohol

Alcohol or any illicit substance is the worst travel companion you can have. It may seem obvious, but drinking while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in the world. When you consume alcohol, your chances of an accident increase. Avoid it!

On long trips, take breaks to rest

This recommendation is important for safe driving. It will also help you avoid sudden drowsiness. When we are tired, it is a matter of seconds before we go from being awake to being asleep. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, stop the car and rest. Don’t procrastinate.

Keep a safe distance while driving

The distance between your car and others is a safety limit that you should not ignore. This allows you to gain time in the event of an unforeseen situation. However, how do you know if you are keeping the right distance? The three-second rule will help you find out.

When the car in front of you passes a stationary object, count slowly “one thousand, two thousand, three thousand”. If you reach the object right at the end of the count, you are not keeping the proper distance.

Constantly check the condition of your car

At the beginning and end of the trip, make sure your car is in optimal conditions for driving. Keep an eye on the oil level, braking system, lights and everything necessary to keep the car moving. If you travel a considerable distance, do not forget to carry spare parts, accessories, and an extra tire.

Always carry valid documentation

For safe driving and to travel on any public road you must carry all your documents in force. Your driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, and any other specific documentation, always carry with you.

Forget the “autopilot” mode

No matter if you know the way to work or back home by heart, avoid driving in automatic mode. Sometimes when driving on a long or familiar road we tend to drive “without thinking” or paying attention to the road.

Driving in “autopilot” mode is a latent risk since it increases the probability of an accident occurring. When driving, take deep breaths to regain your concentration and increase your responsiveness.

Safe driving list driving car on the road

Plan your route

Did you know that distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents? To avoid it, program your car’s navigator before starting your trip. This simple action will prevent you from losing your concentration. Remember that prevention is the best way to drive safely. Have a good trip!

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way to maintain one’s car battery life

way to maintain one’s car battery life


Education about cars or vehicles is very important especially if you own one. Some parts of cars such as the car battery are important and they need maintenance regularly. Education about cars allows the user to keep himself aware of how often his vehicle needs maintenance. 도로연수가격 The car battery is the site where the energy required for starting and running the car is stored. None of us want a dead automobile battery so for ensuring the proper functioning of your car battery you need to take some care of it. Make sure to clean it regularly, maintain the fluid levels, and insulate it from cold. Taking good care of your vehicle battery will allow it to function for at least 6 to 7 years. A few other maintenance tips include the following

Replace every four years

Experts say that the car battery must be replaced after every four years. This would help your vehicle to function properly and last long. The most irritating thing is to losing power in the middle of the journey, so instead of extending the life of your vehicle battery you should replace it

Check the acid level of the vehicle battery

It is important to check the acid level of your battery every six months. Always keep a check on acid stratification which often happens when the car battery is running at a charge below 80%, it also happens when the battery never gets a full charge or has shallow discharges. If your vehicle is running on a stratified battery, the electrolytes will probably accumulate at the bottom, leaving the top portion starving. 운전연수가격


Take care while adding water to a car battery

If you observe that the level of electrolyte is not sufficient then the plates will be exposed and in this case, we need to top them up with distilled water. While filling, you need to be careful and only fill cells to cover the plates. The best thing you can use for this purple is a funnel or sports bottle. Because in this case, you will be able to control the floor.  Once you observe that the water levels are sufficient then use a battery and charger to recharge the car battery


Perform car battery load test

If you want to ensure that your car battery is functioning properly even in freezing temperatures then it’s necessary to conduct a battery load test. You cannot do it by yourself so you need to take your vehicle to the mechanic

car battery way to keep Automotive brand

Clean the car battery

If dirt and debris gain entry into the cells of the battery then it’s bad news for you. All these things can lead to corrosion of the nearby metal and this is the reason that you should regularly clean the top area and area around the terminals of a vehicle battery.  If you want to clean your automobile battery then it is often recommended to use ammonia-based window cleaners. If they are not available then you can use a combination of baking soda and water. And this is a useful combination for cleaning the corrosion. Always keep in mind that when cleaning the car battery don’t allow any kind of fuel to go inside the battery ports. Make sure that there are no residues of baking soda left on the battery

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Understanding the importance of crosswalk traffic signs 

Understanding the importance of crosswalk traffic signs 

Did you know that according to the law, the pedestrian has the right of way at all times? Drivers should always yield to pedestrians crossing the roadway, but as everyone who has driven for any length of time knows, this does not always happen. Crosswalk traffic signs are an excellent technique to reinforce traffic laws while also ensuring pedestrian safety when crossing the street. 인천운전연수

When Should You Use Crosswalk Signs?

Crosswalk signs are most typically found at busy intersections to assist people in crossing the street safely. These signs are particularly efficient at alerting cars to places where pedestrians may be walking and designating a safe crossing point for persons. Crosswalk traffic signs can be found in a variety of places, including busy crossroads. You can also find them in the following locations:

traffic signs list Driving for shopping

” The grounds of the school on school grounds, one of the busiest sites for cars and people is. Crosswalk signs are a crucial tool for keeping everyone safe on school grounds. Whether your child is going to school or simply crossing the street to get to your car. 

” Synagogues and churches. Crosswalk traffic signs and crossing guards are frequently used by places of worship to guarantee that their members arrive at and from services safely. This is particularly vital when transporting families and the elderly to and from the church or synagogue. 도로연수

When you go shopping in your car,

” Shopping malls. Malls and retail complexes are high-traffic locations with numerous hazards for pedestrians. Crosswalk traffic signs are used to safely transport people from the parking lot or garage to the shopping area. These indicate where pedestrians can safely cross the street and alert automobiles to slow down or halt to allow pedestrians to cross.

” Supermarkets. Grocery store parking lots are always full. There’s a lot of action going on between individuals walking to and from the grocery store, cart collectors, and drivers. Crosswalk signs are one example of a tool used to maintain order and keep people safe.

” Zones where people are not permitted to cross. It’s likely that city officials will be aware of which junctions are particularly congested and hence unsafe for people to cross. To ensure that pedestrians do not cross the street in certain areas, the proper “no pedestrian traffic” crosswalk signs must be employed.

Traffic signs are used for a variety of objectives, including maintaining the safety of pedestrians crossing the roadway. Crosswalk signs not only keep walkers safe but also warn drivers of pedestrian activity, allowing them to know whether to stop for pedestrians or when to drive cautiously through the area.

The importance of traffic signs 

When you’re driving down the road. And the automobile in front of you fails to stop at the stop sign, what happens? A collision in which the car is likely to be hit by another vehicle. As they both pass through the intersection at the same moment. If the motorist had been paying attention to the signs, the accident could have been averted.

This type of mishap has been seen previously. Failure to respect signals, whether it’s crashing through a stop sign or failing to yield to oncoming traffic, can be fatal. This is why it’s critical to be aware of signs and to ensure that you obey them.

It takes more than a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle safely. Even if you’re the best driver on the road, further assurances from outside sources are required to ensure safe driving. Traffic signs can assist in this by keeping drivers and those in their immediate vicinity safe.

Signs that are easy to read and widely posted not only keep vehicles safe but also enforce traffic patterns and bring order to the road. With so many people on the road these days, signs are not only useful but also important to keep everyone safe.

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What can you learn in defense driving training school?

What can you learn in defense driving training school?

When you join a defensive driving training school, you will quickly learn the fundamentals of safe driving. Many accidents are caused by careless drivers, and you can learn to protect yourself and your loved ones by enrolling in defensive driving lessons. 수원운전연수

What is defensive driving? 

Because road rage and traffic jams may be tough to deal with, defensive driving instruction is a wonderful method to learn how to deal with them. It’s simple to prepare for the unpredictable conduct of other drivers after taking this sort of training.

It has a pretty straightforward definition. A defensive driving training school will educate you on how to take precautions to prevent collisions with other motorists. It will also give you strategies for avoiding mishaps.

A decent course in it may save you money, save wear and tear on your vehicle, and even save your life. On the internet, you may find a list of driving training schools. Your defensive driving training school will offer a curriculum that will teach you a variety of defensive driving methods. The necessity to constantly be prepared to cope with anything is included in these methods. Before going on a vacation, make sure that all of your vehicle’s systems are working properly.

The importance of proper school about driving training

Avoid road anger, both your own and other people’s. Did you realize that your car’s color has a big role in it? The majority of classes do not cover this topic. The three-second rule can save your life and the lives of others; it states that you must maintain a three-second gap between your automobile and the vehicles in front of and behind you. In bad weather, the rule is five seconds.

Your defensive driving training school teacher should also educate you to avoid driving on the blind side of other cars, particularly truck drivers. If you become scared when you’re alone, avoid driving alone at all costs. It’s usually a good idea to have someone with you in case you have a breakdown, especially if you’re out late at night.

If an automobile in your vicinity has obvious damage or does not appear to be functioning properly, keep away from it. Many drivers are negligent in keeping their vehicles off the road, and they are likely unconcerned about their safety. These are only a handful of the regulations covered in defensive driving training safety instruction. If you want to learn more about it, enroll in a local school or take an online course.

Is it worth taking a defensive driving training school course?

Throughout defensive driving instruction, many factors are discussed. They range from simple strategies like slowing down while approaching a stopped school bus to more complex ones like teaching the driver how to handle a car that has started to lose control on slick roads. 자차운전연수


Defensive driving isn’t just for those who have been ordered by the court to take a course after being charged with a traffic violation. Almost everyone who drives a car will profit from it. Many classes are held at local racetracks, where students may rest assured that no other road users will be present.

The driving training school courses need car-handling skills. These are shown by driving past cones placed in various areas at varying speeds. Other testing includes hard braking and turning on slick terrain.

driving school teacher driving training school

Drivers are also given instructions on how to behave in odd situations, such as when a youngster runs out onto the road to pursue a ball Many courses include specially adapted cars that let the occupants feel the impact of losing driving control through a skid.

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Learn how to get the simulator driving training.

Learn how to get the simulator driving training.

Driving simulation is the most up-to-date method of learning to drive. It’s the polar opposite of the usual approach to driving instruction. It has a lot of advantages, but sadly, many people do not make use of them completely. If you are looking for a hassle-free and effective method to train yourself, you need to take a look at a driving simulator. 자차운전연수. It can provide the best driving experience that you can have. You will fall in love with the returns that this kind of driving training can offer to you.

What can you get out of simulator driving training?

Simulator driving training is a type of driving instruction that involves the use of a machine. It creates a teaching environment by simulating real-world events and responding to the trainee’s directions. A device that looks like a vehicle part sends commands to the machine. The steering wheel and pedals are two examples of these components.

Although simulator driving training is most commonly used for instruction, it may also be used in other disciplines. It was originally utilized for amusement, notably in automobile racing games, as you may remember. On the surface, it appears to offer nothing but entertainment. However, a closer examination reveals that it can aid in the development of your judgment and reflexes, both of which are necessary for safe driving.

car in the simulator simulator driving training driving in the AI

Is simulator driving training effective?

It is utilized in research and even product development, in addition to being used for pleasure. It may be used to research driving behavior and habits. This is especially beneficial in the development of driving equipment, such as airbags. It can even assist individuals in positions of responsibility in enforcing road safety regulations.

When utilized for driving training, a simulator driving training may help you learn to drive safely, efficiently, and effectively. Furthermore, it may provide you with a broad variety of proper driving information, regardless of the type of vehicle you wish to learn. However, as previously said, many people are still unable to fully appreciate the benefits of driving simulation. Here are two broad guidelines that can help you get the most out of driving simulation training. 저렴한-운전연수

How to locate the best driving training experience?

Once you start looking for a simulator for driving training, you will come across numerous options. This is where you should have a strong understanding of how to pick the best one out of available options. Here are some useful tips that you can keep in mind to pick such effective driving training.

– Take a look at the driving school

There are now a plethora of driving schools that provide simulator driving training instruction. Compare their rates and features to see which one is the best to enroll in. You may do that by looking into their history and reading evaluations from other trainees.

– Prepare yourself for the driving sessions

This includes not only your finances but also your thoughts. The aforementioned current training can be quite beneficial, but only with your assistance. Allow yourself to be open to what you may discover. While in training, be alert and attentive so that you can assimilate the information provided.

There are numerous advantages to using a simulator driving training for training. However, if you want to receive all of these benefits, you must carefully select the institution and prepare for the training. If you can focus on these, you can get the most out of training.

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Driving in Traffic Jams with family:

Driving in Traffic Jams with family:

For every new driver, it is very important to know about traffic jams and how to drive safely in a traffic jam. If you live in a city, chances are you will have to face a traffic jam daily on your way. 시내운전연수 This is because, in big cities, traffic becomes congested in the morning. After all, everyone needs to go to work, kids need to go to school and college. This creates a huge traffic problem in the morning and also in the evening when everyone is coming back home. So, if you want to be a good driver, you should learn about peacefully driving through a traffic jam. Read the article below to know more about driving in traffic jams. 

Keep in Lane:

The first and most important thing while you are stuck in a traffic jam is to never leave your lane. If you leave your lane, there is a higher likelihood that you will not be able to get back in due to heavy traffic. So, if you want to get out of the traffic jam, you should stay in your lane and keep moving without stopping with the flow of traffic. Changing the lane in traffic jams is also prohibited to make sure that there is always a lane free for emergency traffic such as ambulances, fire trucks, etc. 

Do not use Horn in traffic jams:

A lot of people get frustrated due to slow-moving traffic in traffic jams and start using honks and horns. That is very rude and causes noise pollution in the cities. For that reason, you mustn’t use the horn unless it is necessary. Excessive use of the horn comes under the violation of traffic laws and it can land you in heavy trouble. For that reason, you should not use the horn. You can use it when you want to communicate or notify other drivers. But if you are just using horns to get rid of the traffic jams, it will not happen. 운전연수가격

Drive Slowly and Peacefully:

You can not drive fast in a traffic jam, because it can cause severe accidents. Whenever you encounter a traffic jam, either you should use a different route to avoid it or you should drive slowly and peacefully. Keep yourself calm while driving in a traffic jam so that you are focused and aware of your surroundings. Sometimes in traffic jams, cars come too close to other cars, it is a very difficult time for every driver because any type of accident could happen. For that reason, you should maintain a distance from other vehicles. 

Traffic Jams sign

Maintain Distance in traffic jams:

Maintaining a distance between your vehicle and others is very important while driving. Your car should be at enough distance from all other cars that if you decide to move or stop, no accident will happen. You should keep looking at the bumper of the vehicle in front of you and stay at a safe distance from that. You should also maintain a distance between your vehicle and the vehicle behind you. 

Do not violate traffic laws:

A lot of people get violation tickets because they were not following the traffic laws during the traffic jams. Traffic police monitor the traffic jams and can give you a violation ticket if you were doing something wrong. For that reason, you should never violate any laws during a traffic jam. It would not only make your journey safe but would also help you avoid violation tickets from traffic police. These are a few things that you should do to drive safely in a traffic jam. 

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What are the natural laws of driving? 

What are the natural laws of driving? 방문운전연수

If you are a driver, you should have a clear understanding of the natural laws of driving. This should be a part of your driving training as well. That’s because the understanding you have about the natural laws of driving can help you to respond accordingly to different situations that you will come across while driving. On the other hand, the understanding you have about the natural laws of driving can help you to become a confident driver as well.

What exactly are the natural laws of driving? 

– Gravity 

When you are learning the natural laws of driving, you should pay more attention to gravity. Gravity is the force that is pulling objects into the center of Earth. You and your car will be subjected to gravity. At the time of driving a vehicle uphill, you will be traveling against gravity. This is where you should understand that gravity is pulling your vehicle in the complete opposite direction. Due to the same reason, your vehicle engine will have to produce more power to maintain the speed. 

However, gravity will come to your favor when you are driving downhill. You will not come across the need to accelerate at all when you are driving downhill. In fact, you will come across the need to apply brakes gradually, so that you can maintain the speed of the vehicle accordingly.

– Inertia 

According to the principle of inertia, all objects that are at rest would continue to stay at rest. On the other hand, objects in motion would tend to continue with their motion in the same direction and speed. An object can change its motion only when it is subjected to an external force. For example, your car will continue to move on the road unless another force stops it or slows down. 주말운전연수

Let’s assume that you are driving your car at a speed of 60 mph.  Then all the objects inside the car, including you will be moving at the same speed. In case if you come across an accident, or your car this a wall, you will still be traveling at a speed of 60 mph. This will lead you to fatal injuries. This is why you should be wearing a seatbelt at all times to minimize the extent of the damage.

– Kinetic energy 

Kinetic energy refers to the energy that is created as a result of motion. Every moving object, including your car, would have kinetic energy. As you hit on the accelerator pedal, the kinetic energy would increase. When the kinetic energy of your car is high, you will have to put more effort to stop the vehicle. This is why you should think twice before you hit on the accelerator pedal. You should always drive at a speed where you have control over the vehicle. In other words, you should be in a position to bring your vehicle to a stop at any given time. 

Why should you be aware of the natural laws of driving? 

list of the natural laws of driving the lawyer

Now you are aware of some of the most prominent natural laws that you should be familiar with as you drive. While keeping that in mind, it is also important to understand why you should be aware of these laws. 

The understanding you have about the natural laws of driving would determine how physics would be applicable to your vehicle. This will help you to remain prepared for any given situation as you drive on the road. On the other hand, it will help you to have more control over the vehicle. You can also use this understanding to make smart and safe driving decisions. 

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Driving an Electric Car – The Car of Future

Driving an Electric Car – The Car of Future:

There are a lot of different petrol cars that you see on the roads and drive 방문운전연수,but in the future, you will see more and more driving electric car on the roads. This is because electric cars are safer for the environment. Electric cars run on batteries, they do not produce or release any environmental toxins such as carbon dioxide. 


Apart from this, electric cars are better to drive and much faster as compared to the normal petrol vehicles. Electric cars are also much safer. This is because electric cars do not have any engines in them. They have a huge battery that is spread under the body of the car. This battery provides power to the motors. These motors rotate wheels and the electric car moves. Due to these advantages, experts are predicting that soon, there will be more electric cars on the street as compared to petrol cars. 

Driving Electric Car vs Petrol Car:

Electric cars are better and easy to drive. They are better because they do not have an engine. Not having an engine means your car will not need power transmission through a gear and a clutch. That means, your electric car will be similar to driving as your automatic car. You will only have two pedals, one for speed and the other for the brakes. Electric cars will come with multiple advanced features. Such as automatic parking, advanced braking systems, multiple sensors to ensure safety. 주말운전연수


All of these features make electric cars better and superior at driving. Also, no emission is one of the biggest selling points for these cars. People now want cars that are safer for the environment, and electric cars seem to be a better option in comparison to petrol vehicles for the environment. That is why you will be seeing more electric cars and fewer petrol cars in the future.

Driving an Electric Car:

The driving experience of an electric car is incredible. This is because these cars have no engines and they are lightweight. Their power transmission is very fast. This enables these cars to quickly accelerate and reach maximum speed in seconds. Apart from this, the safety features of this car help you in braking, speeding, moving, and turning your car. This makes driving easier for the drivers. Some of these cars also have partial self-driving modes as well. Once you activate these, your car will drive on its own. Not only this, but the driving assist feature helps you in your long journeys. Unlike petrol cars, you will not need to change gears to increase the speed of your car. You will just need to press your speed pedal and the car will go fast and slow according to that. 


electric car


Whatever you do, just make sure that you are following the safety guidelines while driving and never go over the speed limit and follow the rules. Driving an electric vehicle is similar, except for the fact that you will not need to change any gear. 


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How to drive: A driving guide for beginners

How to drive: A driving guide for beginners

Before taking off and moving your car on the road, it is pertinent to know your automobile. The essential tools that help you in driving: clutch, accelerator, etc, the understanding of these is crucial. You can look at our other article: Before you drive: A driving guide for beginners.


In this article, I will teach you the steps on How to Drive. As a beginner, driving seems hectic and anxiety-filled, but once you get the hang of it and develop muscle memory, it gets easy.


A tip for driving as beginners:

Put your air conditioner on a blast, especially if you are learning to drive in summer and have leather car seats. During driving, it gets hot, and we don’t want sweat all over our backs.


Okay, let’s get started now! : 방문운전연수-기가드라이브


Steps of Driving as a beginner:

Here, I will guide you step by step so if you follow the instructions, you will drive in no time.


Put your key in:

To start your car, put your keys in the hole and spin it clockwise. That is present on the right side of the steering wheel. Some cars nowadays have buttons for starting the vehicle. It is safe to press the clutch all the way to the floorboard before rotating the keys. (No gears placed)


Control your clutch:

Now is the time of action. Take the matters in your feet and press on the clutch. You press it hard until you can no longer push it. 도로연수


Warning: Be positive that your car is not in gear now (Check the gear shift and see if it is loose. If you can’t comfortably push it left and right, your vehicle is most probably in a gear). Before doing anything with your automobile, make sure that the gear is neutral.


Once you have an absolute grip on your clutch, shift your gear. You should put your automobile in gear one (this is for the manual cars). If you don’t know how to shift gears, then look at this article: How to shift gears with stick shift: A driving guide for beginners.


Once you have your gear shifted, you need to pull at your hand brake. Now you are ready to take off. This step is crucial because this determines whether your car moves or just rumbles and stops.


Slowly, take your left foot off the clutch, while your right foot is on the brake, your hands on the steering wheel, and your eyes on the road.


Warning: Make sure you are learning to drive on an empty road.


While taking your foot off slowly, the clutch will reach a point where you can feel the car coming to life. Take this slow approach, and at a certain point, your automobile will start ambling.


If you take off your foot from the clutch rapidly, your car will jerk, and the automobile would shut down. You would have to start all over again. However, it is common for a beginner’s car to shut down multiple times during the start.


Gear shifting:

Now that the car is moving on the road, it is time to change the gear. You should now shift it to gear two. Before shifting gears, you must press the clutch till it reaches the floorboard. Release it at a moderate speed after shifting gears.


Increasing speed:

After changing gears, you can increase the speed. To increase speed, put your right foot lightly on the accelerator. Make sure that you don’t put too much force on it.


How to apply brakes:

Now you want to stop your car after a ten-minute driving session. To apply the brake, push your clutch backward again, all the way through. Now you have to put your right foot on the brake and slowly put force on it. You do that until the car stops. The amount of strength you have to apply to the brake depends on the vehicle you have.


Disassemble everything:

After applying brakes, you need to shift your gear back to neutral and pull your handbrake, so your car doesn’t move even an inch.


So, this was my guide on How to Drive. This is all that I learned during my driving sessions, so I hope this all helps!